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5 OP Sleeper Powerpicks from the LCS and LEC

Date: 09/25/2020

5 Powerful Sleeper Picks from the LCS and LEC Finals for each lane that you could use to climb the ladder and finish strong for Season 10!

With the end of the Season 10 ranked season coming to an end, now is a good time to start climbing to make sure you have enough time to reach your ladder goals! While it can be temping to just play the popular and meta champions, chances are that your opponents will have seen those champions hundreds of times and will know exactly what to expect, or you could just find that champion banned. For example, Darius is a powerful pick that can make you feel like a murderous demigod decimating your opponents, but with a staggering 46.42% ban rate you’ll see your favourite Noxian executioner’s summoner icon tinted red almost one in every two games. And if you were hoping to one-trick the Noxian Guillotine straight to the top then well… you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting in queue after dodging.

In the interests of avoiding that, this list will be featuring some more off the cuff picks that have proven to be successful at the highest level. The following picks were picked in the LCS and LEC finals this weekend, and each offered powerful tools to help will their teams to victory. However, these picks are still not seen all that often in solo queue. We will also include some tips and tricks on how to play the champion, and general playstyle descriptions, to help you figure out if these picks are right for you. Adding these champions to your pool can really help you speed up your climb, and help you reach your ranked goals by the end of the season.

Top Lane - Camille

A well piloted Camille can be absolutely unstoppable.
© Riot Games

A deadly top lane carry with high outplay potential, Camille was picked by G2 once and TSM twice this weekend, with all three games resulting in wins for their respective teams. Camille is a strong duelist in the top lane, dishing out damage with Precision Protocol (Q) and healing up with Tactical Sweep (W). While taking a bit of time to scale up, once Camille is online, there is very little that can stand in her way. While not as tanky as some of the other denizens of the top lane, a well timed Hookshot (E) into Hextech Ultimatum (R) combo can quickly isolate and take down a high priority target, all but guaranteeing your team victory in a fight . Finally, and perhaps best of all, she has a fairly low pick rate at only 6.81%, and only a 3.21% ban rate(1), meaning most opponents will be totally unprepared as you slice and dice them straight into a monochrome screen. Camille may take a few games of practice to get comfortable with the champion, but soon you will find yourself elegantly eviscerating all those who stand in your way on Summoner’s Rift.

Jungle - Sett

Often seen in the top lane, Sett is slowly finding himself duking it out all around the map as a Jungler
© Riot Games

Sett came barreling onto the scene as an incredibly powerful top lane champion on release, but after a few nerfs, has seen his dominance in that lane struggle a bit. However, he is seeing a resurgence in the higher levels of play as Jungler, due to his sheer teamfight disruption abilities being among the best in the business. Sett was played in all five games of the LCS finals, as well as in two of the three games in the LEC finals, which should give you a good idea about how highly valued this pick is. While his early game ganking ability is nothing to scoff at, it is in skirmishes and teamfights where he truly shines. Facebreaker (E) and The Show Stopper (R) will leave your opponent’s scrambling, and a well-timed Haymaker (W) makes Sett frustratingly impossible to kill. While Sett has a bit of a higher pick rate at 11.96%(1), only 23% of that 7.9% is in the jungle(2) , meaning that your opponents will likely be fooled into thinking you are taking him top lane, which might allow your ally to get a counter pick in too! Surprised and off-kilter, your opponents won’t have any idea what hit them as you come barreling out of fog of war, ready to give them an express, all expense paid trip back to their summoning platform.

Mid Lane - Zilean

A more supportive style of champion, Zilean can exert huge influence on enemies and allies alike
© Riot Games

While the previous two picks have been about making plays on your own, flying into the fray and causing your opponents to scatter and weep in fear, Zilean definitely fits a different, but still very impactful mold. Zilean’s abilities can all be used to enable allies, but also greatly hamper enemies, which can affect match beyond just their affects on gameplay. If you’ve spent any amount of time on the ranked ladder, you know that all it takes is one botched dive to cause a team to implode on itself, spending more time bickering than focusing on the game. Or, a single outplay by an ally can motivate an entire team. Properly used, Zilean’s kit can be used to cause way more blunders by opponents, as well as motivate teammates. Time Bomb (Q) can also be thrown onto allies to add an extra oomph to a tank’s engage, or to offer some peel onto your backline carries. Time Warp (E) can slow enemies to a crawl, or give an ally the extra headwind they need to fly into a fight, or make a daring escape. Finally, Chronoshift (R) gives you the ability to save a teammates from certain death, and Time Warp (W) lets you do it all again. A good Zilean will have his teammates belting out off-key renditions of “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You” as they trample over their dejected, beaten down enemies on their way to a rousing victory.

ADC - Draven

A single kill is all it takes to get the Glorious Executioner snowballing towards a dominating win
© Riot Games

To be honest, there was not a huge variety of AD carry champions in the 2020 Summer Finals for both the LEC and the LCS, with only Ashe, Senna, Jhin, and Caitlyn seeing play across both regions, and there’s no way your opponents will be surprised by you busting out any of those four. So, we’re cheating a bit here by talking about Draven, who was picked by Hans-sama in the LEC semi-finals, and very nearly willed his team to victory in a hail of spinning axes. Draven breaks the ADC mold by being a terrifying force as soon as the match starts, with Spinning Axe’s (Q) dealing huge amounts of bonus damage. Combine this with a Bloodthirster, a Death’s Dance, and copious healings from the right runes, and Draven can be near impossible to kill as long as he is dishing out damage. With only a 6% pick rate(1), many opponents will be surprised as he deletes squishy champions with only a few whirling axes to the face. Did we also mention that he gets bonus gold from kills? With this in mind, Draven can easily turn into a snowball that the enemy team doesn’t have a prayer of stopping.

Support - Pantheon

Pantheon’s high base damages are ideal for securing early game kills
© Riot Games

When you think of a supportive champion, a fully armed and armoured Spartan warrior is probably not what first comes to mind. However, Pantheon’s kit can be used to create suffocating lane pressure, and spoon feed kills to your lane partner, setting them up for success. With the lowest pick rate on this list at 1.4%(1), your opponents will likely have never even faced a support Pantheon before, meaning they know none of your strengths and weaknesses, while you have full knowledge of whichever basic meta champion they’re playing. Beyond just the laning phase, Pantheon excels at making his presence felt across the map, whether that be by invading the jungle, or flying in from across the map using Grand Starfall (R). If you like the idea of shutting down enemies with your CC, as well as setting your allies up for success with cross map plays, then the Unbreakable Spear might just be the pick for you.

After playing hundreds of ranked games, players often fall into the same patterns and habits. By using some of these proven, interesting picks, we here at Riftmarket think you can refocus on your game, surprise opponents, and get that competitive edge to help reach your ranked goals. If you’re unsure on how to execute these picks, or want some more advice and improvement to help take your skills to the next level, feel free to check out some of our amazing coaches as well!

Thanks for reading, we at Rift Market hope you enjoyed Luck's fantastic writeups on powerpicks that are still strong! Here's some citations for all you stats geeks:



Author: PatheticLuck

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