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Madara Uchiha
«AMAZING service, like genuinely Vacant smashed gold like 15 games in a row. He finished the entire boost in 24 hrs. I dont think he slept. So shoutout the boy»
«I sent them a message at 3:49 withing 10 minutes they set me up with someone who was able to play that day. Back to back games he was carrying and influencing the map we ended up getting it done it only a day and a half. They are really friendly the owner sent me a message the next day to check on things and see how everything was going. Will definatly keep them in mind for the future. 10/10»
«Order: Gold 1 -> Plat 4: Staff was extremely helpful @DMrPama @Vacant . Booster was @Uberness games were quick and clean. For me they scheduled a time for me and met the requirements quickly. Would recommend 10/10.»
«I just wanted to leave a review here in regard to the service here at RiftMarket. I am currently working on a duo, and this is the most dedicated, professional bunch I have ever run into. @Vacant Is one of the most dedicated and kind boosters I have ever met. Be kind to him if you work with him! @DMrPama Literally has put the customer service of any "big" website like ggboost, etc to shame. These guys are fantastic and I feel safe and confident that they will get the job done. 10/10 rating. Recommended to all. Note: We smashed through P4 to P3 in one day with one loss with a teammate that went AFK. These guys are great.»
«I messaged out of the blue to help and @Rapunzel @DMrPama immediately helped me out. After the order, I learned greatly from it and hope to shoot these guys messages later on if I need help. Thank you Again :slight_smile: Service: 11/10»
«Very professional and timely service. I thoroughly enjoyed the accessibility that both DMrPama had along with the individual I was working with. Knowing that you'll get a rapid response if helpful for those of us who are working full time with tight schedules. 10/10 would recommend.»
«I messaged @DMrPama and not even 5 minutes later I was connected to my boost @Vacant. Im really new to this and they helped answer any and every question or concern I had almost instantly. The prices are also the cheapest I seen from researching which service to choose and Vacant was a absolute beast of an adc. 10/10 Would use again!»
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I am a :gm: booster on NA, I'm Korean and live on the west coast. I have high ping (90~) because riot trolled me with the server move but even that doesn't stop me from playing. I play bot lane and play the girl champions with curves. More curves the better I play.


:poggers: :gm: booster. I play my patented Sion jungle or run around killing things with Karthus. I'm an old veteran player that hit top 10 in Season 1.


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Hi my name is Scorpius, 23 years old, I'm from Vietnam and now I live in Washington D.C, United States. I'm Jungle main, my favorite champs is Khazix, J4, Kindred, Sej, Lee, Graves, Gragas, Camille.

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Other elo boosting companies tend to provide false promises or marketing tactics designed to reel you in and prevent you from leaving once you put in that order. Make sure when you are purchasing a lol elo boost that you have an accurate expectation of what you are receiving. Rift Market is unique in the sense that what we advertise is exactly what you will receive. We pride ourselves on our 100% positive 5/5 star review compared to other lol eloboosting companies who struggle with customer satisfaction. A lack of proper compensation, poor eloboosting quality, and disorganized boosters who feel they get paid pennies for high quality work - and they do. Rift Market excels at what a League of Legends eloboosting company should be, a reliable platform for customers to connect with high level players and receive the quality you should expect from "600 Challengers ready to start your order in 5 minutes! Best lol boosting service ever with fake reviews!"

Choose Rift Market and get access to personalized customer support ready to give you the attention you deserve, boosters who feel fairly treated and put effort into your account the same way we put effort into them. Don't make the same mistakes others make by choosing a cheaper option only to receive cheaper quality. Our prices were designed with the boosters goodwill in mind, we believe that a successful elo boost regards their most important factor, their booster, with as much care as they deserve. Try it - go to our 'competitors' and ask questions, we often hear they're quite condescending and give little care to your questions. Can you really trust someone like that? We couldn't, you shouldn't either. If you're looking for a non toxic elo boosting platform with real, organic reviews to base your judgement off of - Rift Market should be your choice. There's a reason why customers specifically mention they are 100% coming back to our service when they need it, and we want to show you too.